High Availability / Resource Management


Let’s start with some basic knowledge Questions and Answers.

Question: What is vFlash Architecture ?

Answer:  VFlash Architecture support your Chase in your VM(Computer) to enhance the Performance ( Increase speed reading the chase records) ( Recent Records).

Question: What is Resource Pool ? And why do we use ?

Answer: Resource (Compute Resources such as Processor , RAM ) Pool. We use resource pool feature to ”

  • Share resources between multiple Saudi Khujoors)
  • Cost effective ” No need to provide each khajoor separate virtual machine and waste the resources”.


Question: What is DRS in VMware Cluster  HA ?

Answer: DRS works in a cluster with resource pool configuration (sharing resource). You can create rules to trigger any action if any disaster (While migration the vm will restart on suggested Data Center Host(down time)).

Example: If there is any disaster going to be happen the rule will trigger to migrate the vm into other  host in a same cluster.


Question: What is Fault Tolerance feature?

Answer: Fault tolerance is use for high availability of the Virtual machine. So if any disaster happened your business wont disturb.

Technical review:

  • If your data center have a disaster but your end users virtual machines will never feel any disturbance (zero downtime).
  • Fault tolerance feature recommend 10G network bandwidth between your two data centers.
  • Fault tolerance is an active active solution. (Live replication of Virtual machines in two different data centers)

Question: What is v-Motion ?

Answer: V-Motion is a technique of Vmware that enable virtual machines live migration from one physical host (Data center) to another Data center and without any disturbance to the end user active sessions ( Zero Down Time)

Question: What is EVC  and DPM ?


Enhance V-Sphere Compatibility  Feature: That enable Vsphere to make a compatibility between two different generation of processors(Should be same vendor  i.e  Intel = Intel or Amd=Amd) ” if one is lower profile hardware then the best  should work as low profile (i.e Chawal) .

Distribution Power Management Feature: It control the power management of the vsphere esxi hosts between a cluster . If the resource are not utilizing much on one esxi machine then the other esxi host sent to “Stand-by (sleep)” in order to save the Electrical consumption  and the end user won’t feel any difference in performance.


Question:What is  SWAP file in Virtual Machine ?